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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hand-lettered stamps

Aren't these gorgeous? Each order is hand-lettered then made into a stamp. We have four more styles available too. Just $65.


  1. I am SO enamored with these!!! What a great find, Alison! These are on my list now... Once this baby arrives and I get settled-in, I'll have to remember to look into these. Thanks!

  2. Oh no... I meant to say "enamored OF..." oops! I was also thinking, "I'm so in love WITH these.." so made the error. Excuse the typo. : ) xoxo

  3. Hey Ali! (sorry I don't know how you spell it)
    I am not invited to your and spencer's blog :( I would love to be invited so if you can find my email that would be great! Thanks! Miss you! Love,