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Friday, July 31, 2009

Gift Tags

Getting a gift with one of these beauties hanging on is like raking it in twice. There's also a neat little trick they do: instantly making smaller—maybe more on the boring side of things—gifts seem more special, better. Like how putting sprigs of mint in Ginger Ale made my dinner guests last week ask for the "recipe." Letterpress. $8 for nine. String included.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Take Notes

Some pretty good things to take note of now:

1. Sarah Harris' strawberry shortcake recipe, also found here.
2. the number for Berman Realty. they own lots of great buildings in the nabe and don't charge a broker's fee! 718-638-8888.
3. Paper Love's store hours will be from 12 to 6 Thursday and Friday of this week and beginning of next. regular hours on Saturday.
4. the astonishing fact that there are only 700 gorillas left in the world. seriously, that's serious, right?
5. and this:
"There is only one page left in my beautiful blue leather manuscript book; but that is as much as I shall need.... Shall I fill it with 'I love you, I love you'...? No. Even a broken heart doesn't warrant a waste of good paper.... A mist is rolling over the fields.... He said he would come back.... Only the margin left to write on now. 'I love you, I love you, I love you'."
(from I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.)

Take notes and/or spill your guts out about YOUR summer fling in one of these adorable things!:

$9 to $12 each.

Carnival of Cards

All letterpress. $4 each. Packs are $12.50.

From the Library of...

These letterpress cats and owls make sure your Bill Brysons (take Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid to the beach!) and Eggers (I just started What is the What) make their way back to your shelves. $8 for a pack of 4.

Monday, July 13, 2009

newly-finished invitations

A bunch of pieces came back from the printer last week. You can never be exactly sure how the chosen ink colors and paper and texture will all come together for custom letterpress designs like these, so I sort of hold my breath until I open the box. These three made me want to do cartwheels in my skivvies down Lincoln Place!

See more here.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

How is it already July?

And I haven't put up any new posts since the beginning of May? I'm a terrible shopkeeper! What can I say other than I've been really busy with custom invitations -- lots of great illustration commissions included! Take a look here for my newest favorite projects. And more to put up soon.

Following are some of the new finger-tip-twitching goodies taking over the shelves in Paper Love.

1. Wooden rubber stamps! I like these for putting little messages on the flaps of envelopes to letters to friends. You know, things like: lylas, bff, swalcakws, kit. $25.

2. I'm cuckoo-pants for Wayne Thiebaud. I would love the original of this painting to take over a wall in my living room. Until then, cards will definitely do.

3. Oh goodness, aren't these the cutest bird bags? And I think this is the last one! I'll have to order a load more. Screen-printed cotton. $21

4. I'm always getting in lots of bird things because a. birds look awesome on pretty much anything and b. they remind me of one of my favorite people: olivia birdsall, who really really really loves birds. This is a handmade journal with blank pages for doodling, sticking in photographs, or for taking notes about the day.