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Thursday, July 2, 2009

How is it already July?

And I haven't put up any new posts since the beginning of May? I'm a terrible shopkeeper! What can I say other than I've been really busy with custom invitations -- lots of great illustration commissions included! Take a look here for my newest favorite projects. And more to put up soon.

Following are some of the new finger-tip-twitching goodies taking over the shelves in Paper Love.

1. Wooden rubber stamps! I like these for putting little messages on the flaps of envelopes to letters to friends. You know, things like: lylas, bff, swalcakws, kit. $25.

2. I'm cuckoo-pants for Wayne Thiebaud. I would love the original of this painting to take over a wall in my living room. Until then, cards will definitely do.

3. Oh goodness, aren't these the cutest bird bags? And I think this is the last one! I'll have to order a load more. Screen-printed cotton. $21

4. I'm always getting in lots of bird things because a. birds look awesome on pretty much anything and b. they remind me of one of my favorite people: olivia birdsall, who really really really loves birds. This is a handmade journal with blank pages for doodling, sticking in photographs, or for taking notes about the day.

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